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The Gallagher Smart Fence 2 is best suited for temporary or remote containment of animals trained to electric fence. Great for horses and cattle and as well as smaller animals (sheep, goats, calves, etc.).

Use more than one Smart Fence to enclose even larger areas!

Also known as the SmartFence, Smart Fence 2, and the Smartfence 2, it is the ultimate Gallagher portable electric fence system. The Smart Fence 2 is the upgraded version of the original smartfence, built to be lighter, simpler, and quicker to set up all while still holding true to the original design.

Ideal Uses: If you need a quick option for setting up a simple yet effective electric fence barrier, the Smart Fence is your new best friend. As you can see below, we handed a Smart Fence system to some of our wonderful office employees who had never set one up before and set them loose. Each of them easily managed to set up the fence within 5 mins.

Remote or temporary containment is now easier than any of your other work. A quick setup near your trailer can be easier than hitching or unhitching to your truck.

Happy customers have used the Smart Fence for:

  • Patching damaged fencing
  • Containment in remote grazing areas
  • Break-feed fencing to maximize pasture utilization
  • Temporary paddock segments within larger permanent fencing
  • Fencing off bales, trees, or silage stacks

Energizer Option: Need an energizer for your smart fence system? Select one of our recommended portable fencing chargers in the drop-down above or choose from any of our other Gallagher fence chargers.