Premium Feed

Custom-blend livestock feed, plus a variety of popular brands for cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, and more!


At Carmine Feed & Fertilizer, we're animal nutrition specialists -- and we enjoy getting to know our customers' particular needs. Sourcing quality feeds at affordable prices is something we take pride in. So whether you're looking to make a change in your animals' diet or simply need to stock up on products that have served you well for many years, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is eager to help.

We carry many different feed varieties, plus mineral supplements and feed additives for all agricultural species, regardless of life stage.


Carmine Feed & Fertilizer 20% Breeder Cubes

Carmine Feed & Fertilizer 14% Custom Commodity Mix - Our flagship product, bagged in-house to save YOU money.

Carmine Feed & Fertilizer 14% Medicated Grower Pellets

Nutrena Nutrebeef

Wrangler 10% sweet feed and 12% pellet feed

Right Now Minerals

Cattle Grazers Mineral

Postive Feed and Hudson cooked molasses tubs

Ranch House salt, mineral, and sulfur blocks

...and more!


M-G 12/8 Super Horse Pellets

Nutrena Empower

Nutrena ProForce

Nutrena Respond High Grain Formula

Nutrena SafeChoice

Nutrena Triumph

ProElite Topline Advantage

Progressive Nutrition ProAdvantage Grass Formula

Alfalfa cubes

Apple wafers

...and more!


Nutrena Country Feeds

Hi-Spirit Gamebird

Oyster shells

Meal worms

Poultry feeders and waterers

...and more!


Sportsman's Choice Record Rack & Antlers Plus

Sportsman's Choice Floating Pond & Catfish Feed

Wild Delight bird seed

...and more!


We're your premier destination for specialty nutrition for show pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, and cattle. Click here to learn more about the feed varieties we carry.

Call or stop by today, and let our team handle all your animal nutrition needs!