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Progressive® Nutrition Aqua-Aide®

Progressive Nutrition

Oral electrolyte for performance horses. Helps replenish electrolyte losses associated with fatigue, dehydration, heat injury, muscle cramping, reduced gut function and exercise.

  • Formulated for the demands of performance horses
  • Feeding directions specific for heat stress and workload
  • Shown to improve horse water intake
  • Feed as top dress or mix with water
  • Easy to measure and mix
  • Available in a 15 lb bucket
How do you know if your horse needs electrolytes?
  • Does your horses sweat when exercised?
  • Is your horse sweating when hauled?

Electrolytes before, during and after exercise can delay the onset of fatigue and improve recovery time. With AQUA-AIDE® its simple, it can be top-dressed on feed or mixed into a water solution.

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