Equine New Year’s Resolutions

Lots of people resolve to do things differently in the new year, and in this post, we're putting a horsey spin on that tradition. Our activities around the barn can have a major impact on our equine partners and their overall quality of life. So if you're looking to change things up in your daily care routine, we have a few suggestions:

Commit to a barn safety evaluation. Look around for things that need to be repaired -- loose boards, protruding nails, broken crossties, loose electrical outlets, etc. While you're at it, you can begin creating or updating your barn fire evacuation plan, should the unthinkable happen. Check that you have fire extinguishers positioned around in key areas -- and that they are properly functioning. (You don’t want to discover your fire extinguisher is no longer working when you need it most!)

Focus on nutrition. This is a great time to re-evaluate your nutrition program. Take a close look at your horse and assess their overall health. Do they need to put on some extra weight? Or do they need to lose a few pounds (like many of us this time of year)? Also check to see how your horse’s topline looks (use this TES tool to review how it should look). If something looks a bit out of balance in your horse's diet, we can help you make some nutritional adjustments.

Work on an emergency fund. No one ever said, “Horses are extremely predictable and always make good decisions.” We all know there's a high probability that our horses will get injured or sick at some point in their lives. And often it’s on a weekend or holiday -- incurring emergency vet fees. So it's smart to start putting away some extra funds to build up savings, in case disaster strikes when you least expect it.

Clean out your trailer, tack box, or your mobile tack room (i.e., your truck or car). “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It's a great mantra to start the New Year off right, and there's nothing more satisfying than opening a neatly organized tack box or getting rid of the extra horsehair in your vehicle. You'll never be more motivated to take care of such chores than you are right now, so why put it off?

Enjoy your time together. No matter what you do with your horse, commit to spending some quality time with them every day. Whether it's riding, groundwork, or just some grooming to see what lurks under that winter blanket or shaggy coat, such activities strengthen your bond and promote your horse's wellbeing.

Don't forget that our team is standing by to help you make the changes you need this year. We carry a full line of tack, stable supplies, and premium grade feeds and supplements to help you keep your animal in top condition. Give us a call or stop by one of our stores today, and we'll be happy to take care of you.

This post is adapted (with permission) from content proudly provided by our partners at Nutrena and Cargill Animal Nutrition. Learn more about them here. The original article appears here.

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